Stud Poker Games - Rules to Play

A stud poker is one of the variants of poker where every player is dealt a combination of face up and face down cards that are dealt in multiple rounds. Stud poker games are also regarded as non positional games which mean that the first player to bet on any round will change from one round to another and this is because the player that has their face up cards will make the best hands of the game that is being played. The face-down cards that are dealt to each player are also referred to as hole cards.


The three card stud poker games were very popular in the American Revolutionary War. The five card stud was first introduced during the American Civil war and this was when the game was mostly played by soldiers. In the recent years the seven card stud game has become the most common and this is both in homes as well as in casinos.

How to Play

The betting rounds number in any game usually influences how well any game is going to be played having betting structures that are different. Games that have 4 or fewer betting rounds like the five card stud as well as the Mississippi stud usually can play using any structure and are also well suited to pot limit and no limit play. Games that have more betting rounds will be more suited with spread limit or fixed limit. It is advisable for the later rounds of betting to have higher limits than those that had been played before. For example games of $5/$10 seven card stud in many Nevada casinos will allow players to bet $5 for the first 2 rounds and also $10 bets for the rest of the rounds.

One common trait in stud poker games is allowing larger bets on the second rounds if there are any open air which is when one of the opponents face up cards are a pair. It is also very common to name the betting rounds in stud poker and this is usually after the number of cards held by each player has 3 cards which is also referred to as Third Street or third card. The last round in stud poker games is usually referred to as the river or the end. It is also important to keep in mind that there are various variants of the stud poker games so it is necessary to understand the rules first before starting in order to avoid mixing the playing rules. Poker etiquette is also supposed to be followed when playing any stud poker game to ensure that all players are comfortable and you enjoy your time of playing the game.

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