Poker Hands Description

Every game has its own rules however there could be variations in the rules based on common agreement which may arise due to specific conditions. The rules can therefore be modified depending on the type and content of the game. This is the reason why the rules that determine the a hand in poker may vary in terms depending on the type of poker game, which is played.

The hands are therefore using a system of ranking that is the same regardless of the type of poker game played. In some games the player with the highest ranking hand is considered to be a winner while in others the person with the lowest ranking hand emerges victorious. In some games the person with the highest and lowest ranking hands are deemed to have tied in the same position.

A player can increase the position of the hand by adding cards of the same rank. This can be done by having all the ranked cards from the same suit. Another alternative is to have a single hand filled with cards of consecutive ranks. Single card ranks are normally used as the cards that are in the same category.

There are specific rules which determine the arrangement of poker cards in a single hand. A hand should always consist of five cards that should be the similar number to all players in a given poker game. This leaves the poker players with more than five cards and in such situations the combination of the best five cards must be played first.

Differences in Poker Hands

There are several types of hands that exist in poker game and a new player is expected to master the ranking in order to be able to plan on what is best when played. A straight flush is the hand that contains five cards that follow each other in sequential manner for example having Q, J, 10, 9, and 8. A royal flush is considered as the highest ranking hand in poker game and it consists of straight flush which normally consists of A, K, Q, J and 10. This kind of arrangement is usually treated as a distinct hand in video poker.

When a player holds four cards of one ranking together with others that are unmatched the poker hand is referred to as the squad or Four of a kind. Unmatched cards mean that they are of different suits. A full boat or a full house is a term used to refer to a hand that consists of 3 cards of the same suit and 2 other cards belonging to a different suit.

A flush poker hand is a combination of five cards of the same suit while having five cards that are in sequence is termed as a straight hand. Depending on the ranking which can be clarified on the basis of the type of game played there are those who prefer the high traditional poker ranking while others would prefer the lower ranking.

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