Winner by Character and Destiny Gary "Bones" Berland

Gary "Bones" Berland is a great example of a devotion to the game and a heart of a true winner. As everybody else he lost and he won but mostly his games were vivid and memorable.

His play got him five World Series of Poker bracelets and many thousands of dollars. Although he did not win all the games, which would be next to impossible, he had that heart of the true champion.

Pre-Poker History

He was as every usual kid, going to school, doing homework, entering the college. He became a student of University of Nevada, which is in Las Vegas. He was serious about getting his degree but poker stole his heart. Gradually he decided to leave the college, which never brought him as much satisfaction and pleasure as poker.

But the fame did not come at once, he had to live and make his living. While working as a poker dealer in a couple of the local casinos, he was practicing the poker skills. It took him a while to start a career of a serious and professional poker player. Poker History

While taking the classes in the local college, he developed great math skills. Earlier, when he was growing up in California, he did not as much brain things as here in Nevada. It is interesting how the person can switch from bowling and pool to poker game.

His first appearance on a "big stage" took place in 1977, when he participated in the WSOP. He took the second place in the Seven Ruzz tournament and won $500, while Doyle Brunson took the first place in the No Limit Hold'em main event.

Later he won WSOP twice in 1978. $500 Seven Card Stud and the $1,000 Seven Card Ruzz awards landed on his shelves. His total winning for these events grew more than $36,000.

Since he joined the WSOP tournaments, he made around $208 000.





17th Annual World Series of Poker (No Limit Hold'em)




15th Annual World Series of Poker (Limit Razz)




14th Annual World Series of Poker (Limit Razz)




10th Annual World Series of Poker (Limit 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo)




10th Annual World Series of Poker (Limit 7 Card Stud)




9th Annual World Series of Poker (Limit 7 Card Stud)




9th Annual World Series of Poker (Limit Razz)




8th Annual World Series of Poker (Limit Razz)




Unfortunately, Gary's life was shorter than his rivals'. He passed away because of rare blood disorder in1988. His attitude towards life and people and the game completely differed from the others'.

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