Working with Pot Odds in Flush Betting and Straight Draw

A simple prime example is such that where you will have the opportunity to take benefit of 'pot odds' which can be worked out or not but surely it can make you to call.

If we want to tell about the pot odds' we can simply say that it is a method which can use to find everything possible after starting a new game. By which you have the probability to get profit is the main reason, we use pot odds and this is the easy way to make some money.

If you are aware for the best opportunity at the stage of flush draw you can take a long run but most of the time you will get benefits or a large amount of money which is the main reason to play the game.

Ways to function pot odds

Basically, there are two fast and easy portions to functioning pot odds. Number one is that how rapidly you are capable to make flush or straight, and number two is to distinguish the amount of prize money you will get after winning the pot instead of your real betting money. We have mainly tried in this portion to keep most of the card unseen. Then we are capable to put these numbers simultaneously to acquire an attractive helpful ratio.

We don't have the any idea about the 47 cards among 52 cards.

There are 9 cards of these 47 cards which are capable to full-fill the flush (The flush has total 13 diamonds less 2 diamonds in the players hand and other 2 diamonds will be on the flop).

38 Other cards are unable to participate on the flush (where 38 means 9 helpful cards excluding the total 47 cards (47-9=38)).

Then the ratio came perfectly 38:9 which we can also write that 4:1 simultaneously.

You have to use your creativity to get positive result from the final level, to get a ratio according the betting size in evaluation according to the amount of the pot. Don't hesitate to put the total money on pot in the ratio first then on the bet. Here these examples will give a clear idea to you.

$40 bet into a $120 pot = 160:40 = 4:1

$0.20 bet creating a sum of pot size that $1 = 1:0.20 = 5:1

$40 bet making a sum pot size which will be $100 = 100:40 = 2.5:1

If we are informed about how about similarly we are capable to finish the draw of the game, and we already have performed the odds as of the pot .Everything we must do at present is putting these two ratios as side by side and observe the difference between them.

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Pot calculations

In this situation, the pot odds are larger than the odds which is used to finish the draw, which makes the sense, that we can be able to make extra money in future for most of the time we strike these odds. We ought to call in order to win enough money to get the bad situation where we don't have money and we will be unable to find our money.

When your pot odds will be larger than your probability of striking - CALL

When your pot odds will be smaller than your probability of striking - FOLD

I am expecting that you will get a simple idea about the flush betting by reading this article but when are you going to apply this tricks in your game you should really think about the correct procedure to make the better result which will make you to win the game.

Pot odds is the best technique to get the best result at flush betting and this is not certain that you always win the game and you have to work hard to learn about the process of pot odds. After a few games of pot odds you can't be sure that you will win the next one you can just assume that.