Know How To Bluff Your Way To a Poker Title

Knowing how to read your opponents is one of the most important things that you need to learn in order to play great poker.  In any type of poker game that you will be involved in players will try to get you to lay a good hand down by betting what is know as a bluff.  That is why it is important to your game that you learn how to recognize the other players tells.  If you can know when they are trying to steal the blinds, then you will be able to win the chips in the pot and possibly even eliminate a good player at the same time.  There are some important things that you should know regarding the art of bluffing in poker.  They are easy to spot a lot of the time if you are aware of what to do.  They are not always obvious so you need to pay especially close attention to the players at your table, all of the time.

Look for weaker players

First you should always seek out the weaker players at the table, because they will be much more likely to show their weakness to you.  Seasoned veterans of the poker games have really perfected the art of the bluff.  They will be very hard to get a read on.  Often times you will notice as you are playing poker, that some of the players will use props such as sunglasses and caps, that might help them to conceal their tells.  Players must not only figure out their opponents tells, but they must also be aware of their own.  Some tells can be hidden, and some are left out in the open to be revealed to the other poker players at the table.   Every poker player has a tell.  It is a fact of human nature, that you will have something about you that will show when you are excited or if you have nothing in the hopper.  My major tell is that my eyes will light up like the sun when I have a great hand.  This is a big problem for me in the poker game.  I tend to use my weakness as a positive by wearing a pair of dark shades, so that my opponents can not see my eyes during play.  Some tells that are hard to hide for players can include, facial expressions, and some very strange things that they do to their hands.  I have also noticed such things as ear pulling, and biting their lips.  Especially in women, you are likely to notice the crossing and uncrossing of their legs.  Depending on the action that they are taking for that hand, the nervous feelings are really hard to contain for them.

You have to watch that you do not get overly excited yourself, and show them that you have figured out what their tells are.  If you do show that secret, then they are a lot less likely to play with a bluff against you.  You want them to be careless in their play so that you can get them out of the way.  Using their nervous behavior against them will put you in the position to steal their money, and win the game.  If you are playing in a tournament, there is probably a big reward that is at stack.

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When looking for a tell you will want to keep direct eye contact with the player that is playing that particular hand with you.  Stare them down softly, and throw their concentration off.  Remember that you will also be putting yourself at risk, so make sure that you use caution.  You will be amazed at how drastic your play will improve, just by learning how to bluff your opposition out of the way.  Poker players always want to improve not only their quality of play, but their chances of winning large pots.  Knowing how the game is played is critically important, but bluffing is a great way to improve your odds.  The cards that are dealt will not always be in your favor so you need a skill to fall back on when the chips are down.