World Series of Poker: Facts You Should Know

Are you an aspiring poker player? World Series of Poker is so far one of the largest and most prestigious poker series globally. The winner of this game will surely be declared as the world champion in poker. Those who have won this game will be known in the hall of fame for lifetime and they will go home with the greatest prizes in the world. Aside from money, the winner will also take home a WSOP bracelet. Do you know that having WSOP bracelet is a dream come true to a lot of poker players around the world. A lot of players who have been playing poker for such a long time and have been joining WSOP are leaving for Vegas yearly to join this momentous event.

There are Medias around the place because a lot of countries come there to join the tournament and represent their countries. The game is usually aired to different countries and on the internet as well. There are always side events such as Texas hold’em poker or other types of poker such as Omaha. Every winner of the event gets a bracelet so there are times when a player usually gets more than 1 bracelet in a year. The World Series of Poker or WSOP usually starts with 1 event but now there are more than 50 events available. All the events are played exclusively in a casino in Las Vegas. Employees of the casino are given a chance to play and so the first event is always settled for them.

The 2nd day of the tournament is one of the famous and impressive as the price of $50,000 USD is raffled. This one is settled for big and veteran players. There are 8 various types of poker in the same event such as: hold’em poker, no limit, Omaha pot limit, hi-low split Omaha, 7 card Razz, 7 card studs, and 7 card studs hi low split and others. The main event is one of the famous and it has a buy in of around $10,000 which is quite high for a regular poker player. A lot of players are currently sponsored by huge companies who would like to be known in the poker scene. The sponsors usually pay for the buy in for at such event and they share the winnings afterwards.

WSOP are usually played in May or June but the main event is usually played in November. Many players cannot wait for five months before the main game but time flies so fast. WSOP is a much awaited tournament for every poker player especially for those who are professionally playing for a long time. This is their chance to show off their talents and skills in playing poker and bringing the victory home is the goal of everyone there. Before a player can join this tournament, there should be enough training and methodology imposed and there should be years of practice and training as well.

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