Luck in the Game of Factor

Luck is generally because of hard work and a lot of planning, it doesn’t just happen on its own. People can get lucky is because they do try. The same goes for poker as well but it works in a different way in poker.  The fact is that the luckier you get the worse your game plan works out in poker. Luck can work out differently for different levels of players.

Take the example of a weak player. If a weak player is weak, half the time he/she wins it would be because of their good luck. The weaker players do not know many of the effective strategies and that is why they do not know how to devise a game plan that would get them to win a pot. Instead, they put in their efforts in trying to get lucky, and that is why they get lucky.

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The essence of luck

If you consider good players, the concept of luck works out differently for them. They play the game by putting forward their best action plan. They might get lucky every now and then, but not too often because the rest of the time they just try hard to win the pots that they do.

When it comes to poker, it isn’t luck that makes a player throw away his good hand. A player will throw away a good hand because the opponent played their game smartly, they bluffed, they raised and they intimidated the player to make them throw away their hand. Luck is nowhere involved here.

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In another case think of an example when an opponent places more bets than he should have on a hand even though it is not quite a strong hand. The player with the good hand wins all the extra amount on the pot and it isn’t because of luck. The reason why the opponent would have put in all that extra bet is because the player would have led the opponent to believe that he didn’t really have a good hand. And that is only because of a good strategy and not because of good luck. If your bluff works it isn’t because of luck, it is because you made it work.

In poker if you have been getting lucky quite regularly you should be worried. Instead if you play correctly, you can make your own luck. Only bad players get lucky in poker, good players only work to win and apply clever strategies. Your goal should be making your opponents lucky and not your selves.