Popular Poker Variations - List of the Best

The game of poker is today available in many variants and a majority of these variants were invented in the US. Even though there are many variants of the game of poker, the standard arrangement of the play will apply to most of the game variants. The best way to fully understand any poker game is to get the details of the hand values that are used, the betting rounds as well as the exact cards that will be dealt and lastly the actions that are taken in between rounds. Below are some of the common poker variations.

  1. Stud Poker
  2. In this type of poker game all the players will be dealt with a combination of some cards face down and some cards face up and this will be in multiple betting rounds. One of the most common games under this variant of poker game is the seven card stud as well as the five card stud.
  3. Draw Poker
  4. In this type of poker game all the players are dealt with complete hands which are hidden and the players can improve their hands by replacing the cards making their hands. One of the most common game under this poker variant is the Five card draw.
  5. Community Card Poker
  6. In this type of poker game all the players will be dealt with incomplete hidden hands that will be combined with some shared face up cards. One of the most common games in this variant of PokerStars casino is the Omaha hold'em and the Texas hold'em.

Common Rule Variations

  • Lowball
  • In this rule the lowest hand in any round will win the pot. There are different rules on how aces count in this game as well as the effects of flushes as well as the straights. The most common variants here are 2-7 triple draw and Razz.
  • High Low Split
  • In this rule the lowest as well as the highest hands will split the pot. There is usually a value that determines a low hand. For example in some cards players will be required to have 5 cards with all of the cards having a rank of 8 or less. In most of these games the regular rank of poker hands will be used so that the unsuited broken straight wins low .
  • Wild Cards
  • In this rule players are allowed to add and this usually ranges from the wild 7 stud baseball variant to making deuces wild. Other rule variants will include the kill game, a twist round, a stripped deck, a royal deck, the double flip and the roll on your own among other rules.

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