Video Poker - Poker for Introverts

Video poker is poker variant game that is played on a specially designed computerized machine that is similar to a slot machine in size. This game uses the five card draw poker variant rules and is available commercially when it was affordable to combine a monitor like TV with a CPU in its solid state. The first video poker machines came into the market in the mid 1970’s. The machines have however gone through many transformations to get to where they are today. The first video poker machine that really can be attributed to the rise in popularity of the game is the one that was developed by SIRCOMA which was an abbreviation of Si Redd’s Coin Machines later named IGT and this was in 1979. Video poker really rose in popularity in the 1980’s and this was mainly due to the SIRCOMA video machines. Video poker games are available in almost all of the casinos in Las Vegas today. The casinos today give players options by offering machines with lower denomination as well as better odds.

How to Play

A player is supposed to insert a specific amount of coins which is usually indicated at the machines display. After inserting coins, players are then supposed to place bets of 1 or several credits and then press a button usually marked as “deal”. After this the player will be dealt cards and will be allowed to discard one and more the credits and then be drawn new from the same deck. After every draw the machine will pay out if 1 or more hands played have matched 1 of the several winning combinations that are usually displayed in the machine at the pay table. The pay table will assign the payouts to the hands and they will be calculated regarding their frequency, the variation of the game as well as the game operator’s decision.

Typical pay tables start with minimum hands that have a pair of jacks and which will pay out 1 to 1. All other poker hands apart from this are similar to table poker and this will include hands such as 2 pair, straight and 3 of a kind which is a 5 card sequence of suit that are different, flush which is a 5 card combination of cards from the equal suit, full house which is a pair plus 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind which is 4 cards that have a similar value, a straight flush which are 5 cards in one row which are from one suit as well as a royal flush which is a 10, a jack, a king, a queen and an ace belonging to one suit. Some video poker machines also provide players with progressive jackpots as well as various unique bonuses which will spur more players to play coins more and also frequently. It is not all casinos that provide video poker games so it is necessary to ensure that you enquire from any casino in advance.

Baccarat Guide

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