World Poker Tour - New Breed of Celebrities

After several years of being a much loved game, poker has moved to celebrity status ever since the world poker tour was launched in 2002. Lovers of poker have welcomed this new dimension in poker as a game especially as it receives widespread media coverage.

Popularity of WPT

Amateur and fans from all over the world get a taste of what it means to be a real poker player and also learn some tricks from the professional. The world poker tour with its many games has been welcomed in many homes and it is not uncommon to find families and friends gathered to watch as the pros battle it out of television. Watching the show on TV is quite interesting and educating as even poker illiterates can learn a lot about poker. When terms are used by players, they’re explained on screen which makes it easy to follow. Newbies can learn how to use poker strategies rightly just from watching.

Since different people like the show for different reasons, a lot of sideshows are being added to add spice to the event. The organisers are doing their best to gain more interest in the show. The ban placed on online poker in the United States in 2011 also served to rekindle interest in this televised show. As the cameras manage to show players cards to viewers worldwide, the game has grown in popularity as viewers are kept on the edge trying to decipher what the players move will be. This has also meant that new breeds of celebrities who are poker players have been borne.

How To Take Part into WPT

The good thing about the world poker tour is that it is not about celebrities and known public figures. It is possible for everyday people to become stars over night just by playing right. Since the game is so common and down to earth, viewers find they can relate to it better than other games. This has also influenced the growth in its popularity.

To show how popular the game has become, an internet jewellery site is offering world poker tour jewellery to poker fans. The jewellery that is made of silver and zirconia carry fine imprints of popular poker suits. Some of them are made in gold and prices range from as low as a few dollars to thousands of dollars. The jewellery is made for men and women. Now poker pundits have something to show off their love for the game and they are rushing to grab a piece of this inspirational jewellery.

If you’ve been watching for a while and wondering how to get a seat at the poker table during a world poker tour, you could either take part in the preliminaries or buy your way in. You need a minimum of $2500 and a maximum of $25000 to be able to buy your way in. Some may wonder why they’d have to cough out such money just to be in a poker game. The answer is as simple as the fact that the prize money is also big.

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