Tri-Card Poker - Game Overview

Tri card poker is a poker game that is played with only three cards and it goes back to the days when the poker game was discovered. This game can be played in different formats and this will include using the internet.


This card game was first referred to tri card poker in 1994 and the person behind this was Derek Webb. There were however various other names used to describe this game and this will include casino brag and brit brag. Webb was granted the patents in the US and the Great Britain for this invention. Webb then went ahead and established a marketing entity that went by the name Prime Table Games which marketed the game until 1999 and then the rights were sold to Shuffle Master and this is when the gambling regulations in Britain were changed and allowed allowed the introduction of the game and this was in 2002.

How to Play

This game has 2 modes of play and this is the ante as well as the player wagers. And this is in fact a competition between the player’s hand against the dealers hand. The pair plus wager will be paid according to the payout scales that a players hand will be a pair or better. In modern casinos nowadays the ante as well as the pair plus are not obligatory although there are also casinos that put the ante as mandatory. After placing the ante and the pair plus wagers then 3 cards will be dealt to all the players as well as the dealer. The players will have a choice of either to fold or continue the game by placing other play wagers that will be equal to the ante. The hands are then supposed to be shown and the wagers paid. The dealer’s hand has to be the Queen-high or higher for the dealers hand to play. It is important to read the rules of the games first before you start playing as they vary from casino to casino. Ensure you also use the most reputable casinos to avoid being swindled off. Tri card poker can be played in many platforms and this includes via the internet and this is one of the main reasons why it is important for all players to do some research before playing this game as this will ensure that they use only the reputable casinos and at the same time they will have a better chance of winning as well as enjoy their time of playing. The best way to find the best casinos to play at is by visiting some of the various casino review websites or by asking any friends or family that are familiar with the casinos.

Baccarat Guide

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